About us

      I’m a problem solver looking for adventure. That one sentence sums up who I am, not only as person, but also as a photographer. I think that makes me sort of an anomaly among my peers. Shooting, for me, is more about the overall picture. I’m drawn to lights, shapes and patterns; those things that give an image texture and depth. By adding in my subjects, I’m then able to fixate on the moment shared between them. The moment would have been beautiful on its own, but by carving a scene, the result is emotion merged with the world around them.



      I’m a planner, by nature. This means I love meeting with my clients and getting to know them on a personal level. I actually believe this is crucial in creating portraits that truly reflect the couple or family booking their session. How you met… your favorite music… your dreams for the future. After spending time with you, I can sketch and plan out key shots that remind me of something we talked about while together. And really, when it is wrong to try and make new friends to boot? We can hang in a favorite coffee shop or meet up for a fun dinner; the point is to just relax and talk. The end result are pictures that showcase you more than me.

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